How to put Massively on your GuildPortal website

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|04.02.08

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How to put Massively on your GuildPortal website
How to put Massively on your GuildPortal website
In an ongoing series of articles we'll show you how to put Massively on your own blog, guild website, personal website, or even on your computer's desktop. For a complete list of the software that's covered, check out our guide's index. Note that the images in the guide are for illustration only and you can replace all references to WoW Insider with Massively.

About GuildPortal

GuildPortal is a very popular guild website, and has been around for a long time. Because of that, it's a very mature piece of software, and has lots of ins and outs. It's not the easiest thing to use, and has some notoriety as being difficult at times. It also costs money to use anything but the most basic free features. In fact, RSS syndication, and thus the ability to get Massively syndicated on a GuildPortal site, is part of the pay only package. Because of this, we can only take you half way – right up to where we get an error saying we need to pay.

How to syndicate Massively on your GuildPortal website

1. Login as an administrator.
2. Click on the Control Panel link located at the top of the webpage.

3. Click on the "Site Pages" link located on the left hand side of the webpage.

4. Click on a page, such a "Home".

5. Click on the link named "Add Content" which is located near the top of the webpage, just above all your pages content items.

6. A window will open, asking you to choose what type of content you want to add. Fill it in as pictured above.
7. Click the "Save" button.
8. This is where you'll need to pay for the site for things to work. What you'll want to do next is click the "Edit Content" link of the content you just added. Another window will open up. There, you want to type in the RSS feed URL for Massively, which is . After that, you'll be done, and see a Massively feed on your guild's website!

If you want the Massively feed for a particular game, you'll find the rss feed url next to the name of the game in the side bar of our site.
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