Two Karas Enter: Karathress vs Kara Thrace

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Two Karas Enter: Karathress vs Kara Thrace

Our weekly column "Two Bosses Enter" pits one boss against another in a do or die battle of force. You, the reader, decides who wins and who is banished to the pits of wowlolcats hell. However for today, I want expunge some of that nerd in me and do something different. Let's pit Karathress, the multi-mob boss fight from Serpentshrine Cavern again Kara Thrace, her namesake from Battlestar Galactica.

"Why on Azeroth are you having these two fictional characters fight each other, Adam?" you ask. Because tonight at 10:00 p.m. EDT the final season of Battlestar Galactica begins. There's a lot of fans, including the WoW developers, who are in love with this show. After a year's absence I think many of us are sitting on the edge of our seats to learn who the final Cylon is. (It's going to be Billy, by the way. You heard it here first.) But enough of my fan bois loving. Let's get down to these two bosses fighting it out.

The power in Karathress is in the minions that surround her, and then as each of them dies, she gains part of those powers herself. This is a potent one-two punch that leave many guilds scratching their head for weeks as they try to defeat her. However once things are learned and everyone becomes comfortable with the fight, she's not too hard at all. Since Kara Thrace will have to solo this, she's going to have to deal with all the mobs at once. Let's look at what she'll be facing from Karathress:
  • Cataclysm Bolt: Deal damage equal to 50% of the targets max HP
  • The Beast Within – 6000 damage on plate
  • Multishot – 2500 ranged damage
  • Leeching Throw – 525 damage per tick, 12 seconds
  • Spitfire Totem – 3450 fire damage
  • Water Bolt Volley – 3225 AoE frost damage
  • Healing Wave – Heals a mob for 30% of total HP, interruptible
  • Tidal Surge – 10 yard AoE stun
That's a lot for one person to deal with. Let's look at what our BSG heroine can do to counter the above onslaught:
  • 90% dodge rate – She was going to be a Pyramid ball player, but got injured and couldn't do it. However she's still pretty good.
  • Self Resurrection – She died in one episode (we think), and then as of the final episode of season 3, she appeared out of no where amongst a Cylon attack, alive. We'll give her a shaman like self rezzing ability.
  • 100% crit, 100% hit – She has almost single handedly taken down whole squadrons on Cylon ships before. She has to have some pretty heavy crit and hit, so we'll give them to her.
  • High armor – Kara Thrace can take a hit. Just look at every fight she's been in.
  • Divine Intervention – She's somehow connected to everything going on, though we don't know how yet. Remember her drawings and how they were the same as the temple that was found? That's proof enough that she's got some divine abilities for me. Plus, you know, she lived through the end of the world.
  • Laser Guns – She's got the technical advantage here. Her guns are going to hurt bad – and with her max crit and hit, they're going to hurt really bad.
  • PITA – She's a big pain in the butt, and never gives up. She'd blow up all of SSC before she allowed Karathress to win.
So there you have it. Karathress versus Kara Thrace. Who will win? I'm going to go to bat for Kara Thrace here. She's just too much of a fighter to let herself be defeated by a puny tier 5 boss. Who do you think would win?

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