Sunday Morning Funnies: The holy grail

Whether your "holy grail" takes the form of your freedom, an end to loneliness, treasure, glorious achievement, or that coveted raid spot, you're sure to find entertainment this morning.

  1. Team Speak + Air Traffic Control = Bad from Action Trip. This one is pretty self-explanatory!

  2. Saved? from the Adventures of Blanc.

  3. You no take candle! from Dark Legacy Comics. Anything with that title you know just has to be awesome.

  4. A Deadly Plan from Shakes and Fidget.

  5. LFG #136. I have to say that I try each week to bring you a selection from LFG that can stand alone, so that even those who do not follow it dutifully can be entertained, or even motivated to check it out. As such, I'm proud of this entry; it's funny, and very noob-friendly.

  6. Ding! supports completionist ways. Sort of.

  7. Let's get introduced to Teh Gladiators. If you failed to read the intro, well then you fail. Carrying on for the rest of you, here's the first and second comic. Don't forget to read the commentary beneath! It's worth the extra three seconds of effort (seriously).

  8. From The Adventures of Messy Cow comes "Raid Life." Part one. Then, part two. Who recognizes this guy anyway?

  9. Intense Matchup from Action Trip. I just couldn't resist!

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Voting results from March 16th 2008 to March 22nd 2008
Mana Berries from Dark Legacy Comics came in the winner with 35.5%, while Mage Pattern Baldness (24.5%) and There can only be one (22.7%) were strong contenders.