Buying an HDTV: Get the latest or Save on 2007?

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|04.08.08

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Buying an HDTV: Get the latest or Save on 2007?
Wall of TVsHere at Engadget we just love the spring. No, it's not the because Winter is over and Summer is right around the corner. No, it's not because we're huge baseball fans. It's because all the new HDTVs we lusted over at CES are starting to hit the streets. Unfortunately we can't upgrade every year, but some new models are so much better than last year's, we wish we could. But some aren't really much different from last year, so it can be the perfect time to find great deals on closeout sales. Lucky or us, our friend Gary Merson -- aka The HD Guru -- has put together a pretty good synopsis of which models are worth the new model price, and which aren't. For those who'd rather skip all the why and go straight to the bottom line; the HD Guru recommends the new Panasonics and maybe the new Samsung and Pioneer plasmas, but for the rest, you're probably better off getting a deal on a 2007 model.

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