HP Mini-Note 2133 officially official, reviewed

It's a full 24 hours after we expected it, but with looks this hot we're not surprised the HP Mini-Note 2133 is fashionably late. Specs are exactly what we'd heard and what was up on Amazon earlier: 2.6 pounds, Via C7-M processor, 1280x768 8.9-inch screen, full QWERTY keyboard that's just 8 percent smaller than normal, and a variety of configurations ranging from a $499 1.0GHz Linux-powered unit with 4GB of flash and 512MB of RAM to a maxed-out $749 config with a 1.6GHz processor, 120GB drive and Vista Business. Laptop managed to score some hands-on time, and from the video it looks like this thing might actually be as popular as HP is predicting -- except for those crazy side-mounted vertical mouse buttons, which are totally messing with our heads. Still no word on availability, but it seems like HP's ready to go -- anyone taking the plunge right away?

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Update: Plenty of early reviews are in. Things are looking good so far, check 'em out:
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