HP 2133 shows up on Amazon as the Mini-Note PC

It looks like the rumors of HP launching the sexy 2133 UMPC today were off the mark, but it certainly does seem like the diminutive laptop is coming soon -- placeholder pages for an "HP 2133 Mini-Note PC" have popped up at Amazon and other retailers. That's the first we've heard of the Mini-Note name, which is interesting in terribly uncreative way, but we're slightly more intrigued by the addition of a 1.0GHz SuSE model with 4GB of flash instead of a hard drive -- we'd originally heard that the 2133 would come in such a configuration, but none of the specs we'd seen so far had mentioned it. Of course, an empty Amazon product page with no pricing information doesn't make the 2133 any more official, but we've got a feeling it's pretty close -- come on HP, we know you're confident, let's see what you're hiding back there.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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Read - Amazon product page for the 1.0GHz / 4GB flash config
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