Video: Lenovo's Ideapad U8 interface scrolls like butter, looks like candy

Although officially unveiled at Intel's IDF forum last week, the UI of Lenovo's Ideapad U8 MID has remained a bit of a mystery. Oh sure, we saw the teaser video. However, that vid was all flash based animation. Now we've got the real goods thanks to the folks at That ain't Windows kids, the U8 features a sexy Lenovo-grown UI which has us asking when we can get our hands on it outside of China... and for how much? Unfortunately, you'll notice some serious lag between finger touch and application launch in the video posted after the break. We'll attribute that to what we presume is a prototype device -- certainly it can't be the fault of Intel's highly touted new Atom processor could it?

P.S. Anyone speak the native tongue found in the video? We distinctly heard "SSD," "WiMax," and "SIM card" mentioned, all of which would be new details.

Update: Helpful readers Riceman and rdy0329 provided us with the following snap translations: definitely a prototype, will not include WiMax but will support China's 3G TD-SCDMA standard for voice and data, will ship in 4, 6, and 10GB SSD options.

[Thanks, Engadget Fan]