Reigniting the flame and rediscovering the joy of Warcraft

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|04.09.08

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Reigniting the flame and rediscovering the joy of Warcraft
I think my favorite part about a new patch is that it always seems to inject new life into WoW. Don't get me wrong, I love WoW all the time. I think it's a great game. But there's something about a new patch that always seems to invigorate me. There's new stuff to do, maybe a new twist or two to one of the classes I play, or at least to one of the classes I play against. What's even more interesting to me is that it sometimes makes even the old stuff feel brand new.

Take daily quests, for example. Before 2.4, I'd more or less retired from dailies. I had 2 characters exalted with the Netherwing, Ogri'la, and the Skyguard. My Hunter was only about friendly with Ogri'la and the Sha'tari Skyguard when I threw up my hands and just quit. I just got way too fed up with doing the same stuff over and over again, getting knocked out the air by cannonballs and annoying birds, rescuing the same ungrateful prisoner, putting up with Khatie's shameless flirting, and all that. So, I quit. I paid more attention to my sub-70 characters, leveled a Blood Elf Paladin to level 59 (only to find that the bracket is dead for PvP on my battlegroup, alas), did dungeon runs, ground some Consortium and Kurenai reputation, and all that good stuff.

Then 2.4 came along. It's really been a new lease on daily life for me. There's a lot of fun new dailies to tackle, sure, but even as I flew my Hunter up to Blade's Edge Mountains the other day to collect Smuggled Mana Cells, I stopped, looked at my map, shrugged, and took a left turn. Soon I found myself interacting with monoliths, dive bombing cannonball stacks, and lassoing Aether Rays like I was a good old fashioned cowgirl - and enjoying every minute of it!

I'm not sure quite why it is that I can stand these dailies again. Maybe it's just absence making the heart grow fonder. Whatever the reason, I think I may just have to get a 3rd character to exalted with the Skyguard and Ogri'la, if only because I so love hearing the Skyguard worship me when I walk through their camps. There is a limit though. I am not going back to Skettis for dailies, no way, no how. Stupid Kaliri can rot in the nether. I'm not cooking any Kaliri Stew either.

What about you? Has a new patch or something else reignited your passion for an aspect of the game you'd previously dropped?

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