Reusable Ixp-Note makes Post-It Notes look antediluvian

Rest assured, we've seen some seriously sophisticated takes on the famed Post-It Note, but Girton Labs may have the most ingenious twist of all. The Ixp-Note, which is listed as "currently in development," is little more than a recyclable, reusable Post-It with oodles of intelligence. The device relies on low-cost electronic circuit printing technology, enabling users to select a time / date via the printed scroll in which they'd like to be reminded of whatever they just jotted down on the highlighted strip. When the time comes, an alarm similar to that found in a musical greeting card will sound, jolting the memory of the note holder and potentially saving the day. As it stands, there's no telling how much each of these will cost, but considering that the battery should last at least a year, you won't have to have too many spares around, anyway.

[Via Telegraph]