[1.Local]: The best of WoW Insider comments this week

WoW Insider readers are a talkative bunch. All of us here at WI monitor our own posts for comments, but there's not always time to keep up with what's happening on all the other posts. And if those of us who hang around here all the time can't keep up, we wondered how much our readers were missing, too?

Enter [1.Local], our new roundup bringing you a smattering of the zingers that may have gotten buried in the peanut gallery. We'll serve up both the sublime and the ridiculous, the thought-provoking and the just plain silly -- definitely a cut above Barrens chat (although we do admit that "Barrens Chat" was a strong contender for the feature's title).

This week's reader comments ranged from thoughtful ruminations on gender and modern culture's definition of "beauty" to an ongoing tussle over what constitutes success for an MMO. Be sure to dive into the comments area and add your own thoughts – unlike your mama, we like us some hot, fresh backtalk.

Warning: Some offensive language mentioned after the jump.

If you could have any spell in RL
As so many forum posts state: "Topic says it all." This Breakfast Topic post brought out both comedians and the philanthropists in droves. Many readers reported feeling obligated to choose Abolish Disease or another curing spell, but others had different ideas.

From innajunglestylee: "For serious, though, I'd want portal. Think of having five ports to major cities (say NYC, Chicago, LA, Miami and London) and being able to set a hearth to a sixth city of your choice. At the drop of a hat, you could grab your 40 closest friends and be all 'Let's hit up the LES for dinner; then we can go sit on the beach and drink margaritas'-- and all it would cost is a couple of cheap runes? This would absolutely rule."

The ever-pragmatic mcclary noted, "Find a major company that has a business presence in a couple of those cities. Then have them pay you an insane amount of money to bring employees and clients to meetings instantly from any of their offices. The money they could save on airfare would be amazing. And to all the people saying resurrection ... I would decline that. If it ever got out that you have that ability, you would get constantly whispered IRL by people all over the world wanting you to rez their loved ones. (Potential moneymaker?)"

And finally, mrchicken reported suspicions about his own choice: "'Turn Undead.' I'm pretty sure I already have this power. I've never seen an undead in my life."

World of WarCrafts: Super potions
Shelbi Roach of The Bronze Kettle has taken the helm of our World of WarCrafts column, guiding you through WoW-inspired crafts using real-world mats. This week's column sparked more ideas from fellow crafter Rhoelyn:

"To add an extra dose of practicality to these, I'd add a wick and make it a proper candle. I love to burn a candle by my compute while I'm playing, and a 'potion du jour' candle would be awesome. :) If scents are your thing, you can also buy candle scenting oils to add to the mix with the coloring. What would a mana potion smell like, anyway?"

Craig Sherman of Gaia Online: WoW is "not a success"
Whether or not Craig Sherman of Gaia Online meant what he said when he labeled WoW as "not a success," his remarks threw WoW players into a tizzy. "'This is not what I said (as far as I remember) or meant.'

"Open mouth, insert foot," proclaimed reader RoBotkin. "The original post at said specifically 'World of Warcraft is only doing a fraction of the business it should be doing.' It also quoted Craig Sherman as saying, 'There are 800 million teens in the world. That's not a success.' So I don't buy his retraction of that not being what he meant. If he did mean that WoW wasn't a success, why did he say, 'That's not a success'?

"It's doing the exact right amount of business it should be doing. That's what we call supply and demand. The figure quoted (800 million) was teens worldwide who want to play an MMO but can't pay the subscription fee. Call me heartless, but I would not really be trying to reach an audience that could not pay.

"Could a game be made with free and paid accounts that would reach out to these youths? Sure. But why would anyone do that? Blizzard is a company, and their goal is to make a profit. I don't know if any MMO's that have free accounts are really able to stay afloat while providing a quality product to their paying customers. Based on the information on, the closest competitor to
WoW is Runescape, which does have free accounts, but have you ever played Runescape? It's fun and functional, but it's not even really something I would put in the same category as WoW."

He Said, She Said: Tauren Females
We expect readers of David Bowers and Amanda Dean's He Said, She Said feature to have strong opinions – after all, the very format of the column is a debate. So many readers brought up thoughtful insights that David was moved to add this additional perspective in the comments:

"I hear you saying that "it's not the fault of beautiful people that get so much attention. That's just the way they are -- quit calling them insulting words like 'typical' and 'lowest common denominator.'

"And you're right in some ways -- I don't intend to insult or belittle beautiful people here. Some people are just so naturally beautiful that they must struggle to maintain a sense of humility and integrity in the face of other people reacting more kindly to them just because of their looks. It's hard to be naturally pretty and not expect everything to come to you easily. I feel the same sort of difficulty as a white foreigner living abroad -- many people in other countries may tend to give you extra privileges that you don't deserve, and you must find ways of dealing with that that don't go to your head.

"But on the topic here, there's a problem with a society that only has room for one sort of 'beautiful people,' or that links 'female beauty' with 'sexiness' only. If sex-appeal is the first thing people appreciate in others, then they're getting way too narrow minded and animalistic -- it's precisely this narrow perception which gives 'beautiful people' those undue privileges which are neither good for them or for others. All people, whether beautiful or not, need to stop over-emphasizing the importance of a sexy appearance.

"Sexiness is a tertiary quality in human beings, relatively unimportant in the face of everyday human life. People need to look at other things when they decide who's attractive or not -- such as truthfulness, trustworthiness, and competence, all of which are reflected in the way someone looks, moves, and acts. Maybe it's a certain gleam in the eyes that looks remarkably intelligent and confident, or a way of smiling at the right time that looks sincere and honest, or even a posture that shows courage in the face of a challenge. All these are more important than breast size and waist-to-hip ratio, and our society needs to understand that.

"The mass-media definition of 'beautiful people' is a mirage."

Hogger goes to Undercity
And finally, let's wrap up with a tip of the hat to an NPC we all know and love: the infamous Hogger. Who doesn't love to hate Hogger? Surely not the two players who kited the elite little fellow all the way to Undercity. And we suspect reader Tarbh – whose comment on the thread made us LOL – holds a similarly warm spot in his own heart:

"I think this shows how hardcore Hogger is. You set foot in his territory, regardless of your level, that bad motherfucker will come at you and he will not give up until someone ends up dead... It's normally him, but he still doesn't shy away from it."