ControlCAL grants 8th-gen Kuro owners access to ISFccc calibration controls

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.11.08

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Darren Murph
April 11th, 2008

Hey, 8th-generation Kuro owners -- got a hankering to really get behind the scenes and tweak 'til your heart's content? If you, like many, spent a good chunk of your kid's college fund on a brand new plasma and don't have the coinage to pay for professional applications to unlock access to the full array of ISFccc controls, ControlCAL's got your back. The v1.4 RC1 has just been loosed (in Beta), which grants owners of Pioneer's famed PDP with access to more calibration controls than they can shake a stick at. Excited? Confused? Either way, we'd advise you to check out the links below if you're ready to dive in.

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