Investigation into missing spell haste gem cuts is "underway," says blue poster Syndri

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|04.11.08

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Investigation into missing spell haste gem cuts is "underway," says blue poster Syndri

So when patch 2.4 came out, you might remember a certain line in the patch notes: "Added several new tradeskill items to the new Sunwell Daily faction vendor: Three jewelcrafting recipes to cut gems with spell haste from Dawnstones, Talasite, and Noble Topaz."

Here's the problem: Those recipes actually don't currently exist anywhere in game, or at least haven't found their way to any Jewelcrafters. You can find Quick Dawnstone, Reckless Noble Topaz, and Forceful Talasite on all the WoW item database sites, but the recipes themselves seem to have gone missing, and aren't on Eldara Dawnrunner, nor do they so much as appear to drop from any mob.

Don't worry though, Jewelcrafters, all hope is not lost.

Fedora of the Bronzebeard server asked about this issue on the Customer Service Forums a few days ago, and was told by blue poster Syndri that while she could not give him an answer as to the fate of the recipes, but that Investigation would be ongoing. It seems rather strange that Blizzard just forgot a whole list of gem recipes that specifically made it into the patch notes, but it's good to know they're aware of it.

Who knows, perhaps someone moved the recipes to Shaani, and we'll see them once Phase 4 opens up and people turn in enough Razorthorn Root. If nothing else, hopefully we'll get word soon as to whether the recipes were removed from the game altogether, or they were simply forgotten or moved to a different vendor.

[Thanks for the tip, Marinna!]

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