Check out the Resistance 2 trailer ... trailer

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We were jazzed to see our tipbox lined with messages heralding the release of this "Exclusive Debut Teaser" for the follow-up to the PS3's inaugural first person shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man. However, we must say that after watching this sneak peek, we're left a bit unsatisfied. Don't get us wrong, the twenty seconds-worth of two in-game cinematics flipped a Pavlovian switch in our brains, leaving us salivating for the further adventures of Nathan Hale, but we were left confused by the last few seconds -- is this a trailer for the game; or for the June 13 episode of GameTrailers TV, and its "World Exclusive Gameplay Premiere" for Resistance 2? You be the judge.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]
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