Chatter changes your chat for the cheddar! Er, better

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|04.13.08

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Chatter changes your chat for the cheddar! Er, better
Prat has been a fan favorite as far as chat mods go for quite awhile now, with the ability to change just about whatever you want with your chat frame plus some added features like item links in custom channels.

Now, from the author of Omen comes Chatter. Built with the intent of making a chat mod with less bloat and is lighter on overall system resources, it manages to do that quite well. All I ever used in Prat was the module to allow links in custom channels, so I decided to give Chatter a try. The switch over wouldn't be too hard, right? Just turn off all of the modules I don't want, leave item links on.

I was pleasantly surprised with how easily Chatter was configured. I had decent looking, functional chat windows ready to go in about ten minutes. I'll fully admit that most other chat mods probably shouldn't take me much longer than that, but things that drastically alter my UI are my kryptonite. I think that says something about how simple this mod is to configure.

The obvious /chatter command brings up the configuration screen. It brings up a long list of options which is a little intimidating at first, but most of those options consist of checkboxes and sliders. Simple! Again, I'm really a default UI sort of guy, so I turned most things off. One thing I did do was make my chat windows kind of blue. Why? Because blue is awesome. A lot of my UI mod obsessed guild mates have switched over to Chatter as well, and they're loving it. From customization to framerate improvement, it's been fantastic.

You can see a shot of the config screen below. This particular option, should you choose to turn it on, allows you to make a list of keywords that will play a sound when someone says them in a channel you're in. For example, I put my character names in here so I don't miss anything in the heat of combat.

You might recognize the list of sounds there. They're identical to the ones used in Omen. I would recommend making sure you're not using the same sound for Omen aggro alerts and these keyword alerts. I believe Fel Nova there is the default in Omen, so don't choose that one if you haven't changed those alerts!

All in all, Chatter seems like a good deal. Simple to configure, simple to acquire, adds a few neat features to the chat system to make your life easier. I highly recommend it, and you can get it via WoW Ace. Before you ask, no, you don't need to update it as often as Omen.
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