Cinemassively: Persephone Milk interview

Moo Money
M. Money|04.15.08

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In real life, Tim O'Connor plays his keyboard, hoping to catch a break someday as a musician. In Second Life, however, he is Persephone Milk, a piano crafter. A local Fox station in Florida interviewed Tim to find out why he was in SL and whether it pays off emotionally and financially. While we applaud the news station for highlighting entrepreneurial residents, we do take issue with how easy they make it sound.

Ever since the Anshe Chung press release announcing that she was a millionaire from SL profits, we've faced a barrage of sensational news reports about people making money. Sure, there are some residents who actually make a nice living off of the virtual world, but that's not even one percent of the population right now. The rest just scrape by, if they make anything at all. Of course, I'm sure most have realized that by now and continue to log in for the social interaction. We can only hope!

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