Say Hellui to NEC's Lui family of media streamers

See those people? As much as NEC would like to think so, that's not you. If it were you'd be ass-deep in nag about your inattentive dismissal of "quality time" while suffering dire warnings about barefoot-borne diseases. Or maybe that's just us. Regardless, NEC hopes that the launch of its 4-component Lui (Life with Ubiquitous Integration) system -- ¥379,890/$3,705 Blu-ray packing PC server (Lui SX), ¥89,880/$877 10.6-inch laptop (Lui RN), ¥49,980/$487 4.1-inch handheld (Lui RP), and ¥300,000/$2,926 Desktop (Valuestar R Lui) -- will somehow create harmony in your household. Besides the marketing hype, we're really just talking about Windows Home Premium SP1 here and a bunch of DTCP-IP DRM and DLNA compliant devices. In fact, the so called "laptop" and handheld units lack any traditional OS at all -- they can only be used to receive streaming content off your home server. Even then, some streaming is restricted inside and outside the home thanks to the DRM lockdown. Do we really need one or even two more devices in the home just for media?

Update: Regardless of what you may have read elsewhere, there is no WiMAX here. That's not even a standard available in Japan.
[Via Impress]