NEC's Lui: for digital lifestyles not human waste

NEC is rolling out a new home server / client solution for persons of the active "digital lifestyle." Dubbed "Lui," we're talking platform, not device, though the family kicks off with a trio of new devices for iEXPO in Japan. The idea here is simple enough (and certainly not new): a central home server manages your video, music and photos which can then be streamed out to a handheld "PC Remoter Pocket" and/or laptop "PC Remoter Notebook." The server features a pair of terrestrial digital high-def tuners with a DVR functionality operating independently of the PC. The PC Remoter Notebook brings a 10.6-inch WXGA LCD, measures 257 x 182-mm, and weights just 650-grams (1.4-pounds). The handheld MID device packs a 4.1-inch touchscreen and weighs just 250-grams (about 0.55-pounds). All should hit Japan en masse sometime before mid-2008. It's just a shame that the name sounds like a french toilet. Plenty of pics over at Aki.

[Via Akihabara News]