Video: Eee PC 900 processor is NOT Atom, multi-touch trackpad demonstrated

Oh man, the rumors were true. Asus' EeePC 900 -- the 8.9-inch model -- is still plodding along on that same 900MHz Celeron M processor as the original Eee PC 701. Good news: it does run at the full 900MHz without the 630MHz cap of its predecessor (pre-overclocking, that is). Bad News: it's not the Intel Atom proc promised at CeBIT. A potential bottleneck when loaded with the relatively CPU heavy XP instead of the Linux-based OS. Still, we're hoping this is a limitation in the early-launch, Hong Kong / Taiwan models only, and things will get corrected when Atom launches in June. The video after the break clearly demonstrates the multi-touch trackpad (3:50 in) which Engadget was first to discover in the FCC filing.