ASUS Eee PC 900 review roundup

It's like this: if you found yourself all giddy playing with the Eee PC 701, you'll be absolutely enthralled when handling the 900. At least, that's the verdict being blasted out from reviewers web-wide. More specifically, CNET found the 9-inch subnote to be superior in quite a few ways to the 701, and felt particularly impressed with the ability to run multiple applications more easily due to more screen real estate and the included 1GB of RAM. However, they were none too thrilled with the keyboard (still), and echoed Trusted Reviews gripes of lackluster battery life. Yeah, that last dig could be fairly substantial if you're looking to stay untethered completely for hours on end, but if you're confident you can locate an AC outlet when necessary (and can't afford to wait for an Atom-based version of the machine), it seems the 9-inch Eee is well worth a look.

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