Atom-based Eee PC in June? Sure.

Everyone loves the Eee PC, especially now that Asus has increased the display from 7- to 8.9-inches, bumped the webcam to 1.3 megapixels, and widened the track-pad while adding in some nifty multi-touch capabilities. Unfortunately, we're still looking at a rated 1.5-hours of battery life since the new 900 uses the same power hungry CPU found in the original Eee PC. So where's Atom and its promise of "significant power savings?" Well, according to Techradar, they've been in touch with Taiwan-based ASUS' UK reps who believe that the Atom-based Eee PC will debut at Computex in early June and then launch globally shortly thereafter. Makes sense as June is the confirmed time frame for the Atom CPU launch. If true -- and we believe it is as it syncs up precisely with DigiTimes' sources -- then the only remaining mystery is whether the June model will also feature an 8.9-inch touchscreen (and possibly GPS) as promised by Asus. Let's hope so.

[Thanks, Robert James P.]