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BenQ's Atom-based MID gets detailed

BenQ has been showing off its first stab at an MID since the Intel Developer Forum last fall, but it hasn't exactly been all that forthcoming about the full specs of the device. That situation seems to have changed at the more recent IDF in Shanghai, however, although those details seem to just now be making their way across the Internet. As we knew before, the device will pack an Intel Atom processor (the base 800MHz model), which will apparently be backed up by 512MB of RAM, a 4GB SSD hard drive, and HSDPA support in addition to some integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. The device will also apparently pack a so-called "G-Senser" for "direct touch and free movement to surf on internet," along with voice activation, and optional GPS. Still no word on the all important pricing or release details, unfortunately, although we hope BenQ will save itself some embarrassment but getting the thing out the door before the next Intel Developer Forum.

[Via Slash Gear]