BenQ launching its first MID at CES 2008

It looks like Lenovo isn't the only gang of techno-hooligans launching an MID this year at CES -- word on the street (and in official PR) is that BenQ's entry to the relatively new category will be making a showing before you know it. According to the company, the device -- which we're thinking is going to be the purple number we saw Intel demoing back at its Developer Forum in September -- will feature a 4.8-inch display, WiFi, 3.5G (such as HSUPA), and will be driven by (surprise!) Intel's Menlow platform. The device will apparently consume less power than a UMPC (as expected), and will carry a price tag that will likely bend closer to a smartphone than a laptop. Info is scarce right now, but we suspect all will be deliciously revealed this week -- stay logged in.