ASUS: 10-inch Eee PC coming this year, Atom in June

Jerry Shen, ASUS CEO, is casually twisting Eee PC fans into a tizzy this morning. At the launch of the 8.9-inch Eee PC 900 in Taiwan, he uttered the magical phrase "10-inch Eee PC" for the first time. Expected sometime later this year, Shen said that the 10-inch screen will be the biggest allowed on the Eee PC. Good for you Jerry, but we've got the feeling that you've completely forgotten about the original promise of a $200, 7-inch laptop. Surely we're due for a price drop now that the 900 is out, right?

Update: Asus also confirmed that an Atom-based Eee PC will launch at the Computex show just like we heard. No details about the screen size or any other specs were provided.