The Joystiq Weekend: April 19 - 20, 2008

Ross Miller
R. Miller|04.21.08

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The Joystiq Weekend: April 19 - 20, 2008
We can't decide what is more bizarre: the existence of a mint condition Metal Gear Solid 3 pizza box ("never had any pizza in it") or that it's being sold on eBay. We are, of course, amused either way. (Thanks, Anthony) Check out the highlights for this weekend:

Japanese hardware sales, April 7 - April 13: Choose your own adventure edition
PS Fanboy Week in Review: 4/14 - 4/20
This Week in Review has a Nintendo overload

Xbox Live down Monday morning for spring cleaning
Konami replacing botched Metal Gear Online beta codes
Full version of indie gem Noitu Love 2: Devolution now available
Darkrai distribution events coming to Toys R' Us May 31 - June 1
Uh-Ohkami: Capcom botches Okami Wii box art, inadvertently advertises IGN
Hellboy: The Science of Evil trailer is chock-full of punching
Alone in the Dark 'Descent' trailer looks more than decent

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: GTA IV DLC may include entirely new cities

Culture & Community
Meet the Team Fortress 2 Scout ... again
Fan-made Tetris: The Movie trailer surprises us with quality
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