Japan gets a chance to bag this legendary Pokemon

Candace Savino
C. Savino|04.23.08

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Japan gets a chance to bag this legendary Pokemon
Japanese gamers will soon have a chance to catch the elusive Shaymin (Sheimi in Japan), a legendary Pokemon introduced in Diamond and Pearl. Unless you've been cheating, all you Pokephiles are probably drooling all over yourselves right now. The only way to catch this little guy legitimately, after all, is to get an Oak's Letter from an event sponsored by Nintendo.

Just as Darkrai was offered up to Pokemaniacs during a screening of the Darkrai-based movie, the same will be happening with Shaymin this summer for the eleventh Pokemon film (Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin). Don't fret too much if you live outside of Japan, though. Toys R Us will be offering Darkrai to shoppers during the month of June, so it's definitely possibly that Shaymin will make his way over here at some point, too.
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