NDrive intros photo mapping G280, G800 GPS units

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Donald Melanson
April 22nd, 2008
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NDrive intros photo mapping G280, G800 GPS units
Ever the one to find a somewhat unique selling point for its GPS units, NDrive has now announced a pair of new devices that employ what the company claims to be the "world's first photo mapping system." That slightly dubious claim aside, the new G280 and G800 units certainly look like they'll get the job done and then some, with them each boasting visual and audible speed camera alerts, a pedestrian mode for out-of-vehicle use, and of course the usual range of PMP features with an SD card slot provided for expansion. The G800 also takes things a couple of steps further with built-in Bluetooth and an FM transmitter to pump audio through your vehicle's speakers. No word on a release 'round these parts, but those in the UK will apparently be able to grab 'em later this month for £199 and £315 ($400 and $630) for the G280 and G800, respectively.
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