The VC Advantage: Merlin's Mystery Shop

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The VC Advantage: Merlin's Mystery Shop

In River City, the streets, parks, and even high schools are populated by gangs of identical-looking, identically dressed teens who spend the day protecting their turf from any interlopers by beating them savagely with chains and throwing garbage cans at them. And yet, despite their efforts, turf can change hands from gang to gang in a fraction of a second -- leave the Frat Boys' area, turn right back around, and it's now the Generic Dudes' property.

Yet, to these violent, truant (except for the ones who inhabit River City High, but even they aren't in class or anything) teens, malls are sacred. A shopping center can stand between two gang warzones, and yet no Jock or Squid dares step foot into the Flatirons Mall. Shoppers walk through the center with impunity, unaware that the Internationals are just a few yards away, being kicked in the face by a guy who is standing on top of a fence and thus invincible.

Chances are those stumpy thugs would be even more reverent of River City's shopping options if they knew about Merlin's Mystery Shop. Conveniently located in the middle of the wall in the Armstrong Thru-Way Tunnel, Merlin's Mystery Shop offers rare items that provide pretty great stat boosts. We've got those items and their effects listed after the break, so you'll know just which items you'll have to beat up Benny and Clyde repeatedly to save up for.

Excaliber: $100 (Weapon + 30, Will Power + 48, Stamina + 99, Max Power + 24)
Zeus' Wand: $200 (Throw + 48, Strength + 48, Stamina + 99, Max Power + 24)
Rodan Wing: $100 (Defense + 30, Will Power + 48, Stamina + 99, Max Power + 24)
Gold Medal: $100 (Punch + 30, Will Power + 48, Stamina + 99, Max Power + 24)
Isis Scroll: $20 (Throw + 20)
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