Electric Think City car sets sights on North American launch

You totally thought that "Think" operation you heard about last summer was nothing more than yet another electric car dream that would never see reality, didn't you? Turns out, the endeavor could be more successful than anyone originally imagined, and if all goes to plan, the Think City should hit US shores later this year. Beyond that, the company is assuming that it "could be selling as many as 50,000 units in two or three years," and with pump prices soaring and a sticker of around $25,000, we don't have much reason to doubt that. The 110 miles-per-charge vehicle, which touts a top speed of 65MPH and reportedly meets all US / European safety standards, would likely be assembled in Southern California (at least, ones sold over here), but we've no idea if swarms of Think dealerships will start popping up after all this goes down.

[Via International Herald Tribune]