The Daily Grind: Preferred control scheme?

William Dobson
W. Dobson|04.27.08

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A very large amount of MMO players use the tried-and-true WASD keyboard configuration to play their game of choice. However, we know that there are people out there who shun tradition, and have taken another option. Perhaps you use the typically-neglected arrow keys for movement, or the point-and-click style movement that some MMOs offer? Maybe you've shuffled to the right, along to the ESDF setup, to take advantage of some extra hotkeys? Or are you using something so crazy we may not have even heard of it?

Then there's the possibility that you've left the keyboard behind altogether. In games where you have a choice between versions (like FFXI and Phantasy Star Universe), do you prefer the console or PC controls? Have you found yourself looking up applications like Switchblade for use with your favorite MMO, to get that familiar controller back in your grasp? Tell us about any other ways that you like to take control of your MMO.
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