Trio of LGs get dated for Verizon?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|04.29.08

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Trio of LGs get dated for Verizon?

phoneArena appears to have scored information on exactly when Verizon will be (or would like to be, anyway) releasing three new models from LG, all of which should be attracting some serious attention in their own right. Headlining the group is the VX9700 "Dare" -- Verizon's Prada-alike, if you recall -- which is allegedly now being targeted for a July 4 online release and an in-store launch shortly thereafter (we'd say those dates put it at risk of cannibalization from the Glyde, but the Dare'll win the photography battle with a 3.2 megapixel sensor versus the Glyde's measly 2). Next up, the trick VX8610 with the internal Bluetooth headset has apparently been christened "Decoy" and is tracking for May 30 online and June 9 in store. Finally, the VX8650 Chocolate Flip gets ready to mercilessly slaughter its VX8600 predecessor come June 24 on your trusty web browser with brick-and-mortar locations getting theirs in July. Naturally, launch dates tend to have the solidity of Jello, so don't be dropping your life savings on any wagers here with your shady friends. Not yet, anyway.

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