SOE already patching in files for the next EverQuest 2 expansion?

Michael Zenke
M. Zenke|05.01.08

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SOE already patching in files for the next EverQuest 2 expansion?
Game Update 45 is in the works for Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest 2, and patch notes have been flying off of the test realm for a while now. Finalized notes are now on the official forums, and GU 45 should be going live fairly soon. In the meantime some alert forum-goers have spotted some really interesting additions to the actual file contents of these test patches. It seems SOE is already adding in content from the fifth expansion, The Shadow of Odyssey. They're prepatching model files to get our clients ready for the big day down the road. A wise move, and it allows us to get a taste of what might be in store.

Forum poster Vulkoor seems to be the mastermind behind these observations. Says the player, "You will notice several things of note. Lines 8158-8162 reference the dungeon Veksar and line 8228 references the dungeon of Nuroga (Nurga/Droga perhaps?) ... To me, with all these references to 6 new voidbeast models and a goddess who was willed in non-existence by the gods (perhaps into the void?) it seems as if this will indeed be a expansion based on the void. Either that or Anashti'Sul has somehow found a way to return to Norrath." He/she goes on, noting that among additional models there is an "undead version of Anashti Sul, the god Rodcet Nife, new diety cloaks for every god, more void creatures, fungusmen, and elementals. You will also see reference to a third dungeon- Miragul Upper. Oh, and evidently, someone is getting a wedding veil."

There's plenty of rumor and speculation in the thread, so make sure to check it out! For our own speculation, make sure to read Brenda Holloway's thinking-out-loud piece about the next two updates to SOE's flagship games.

[Via Clockwork Gamer]
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