Raidon rolls out STARAY S Series data encryption boxes

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Raidon rolls out STARAY S Series data encryption boxes
Those that somehow still haven't found a drive or drive enclosure that meets their security / paranoia needs may want to take a gander at one of Raidon's recently released STARAY S Series "data encryption boxes," which offer a number of different security measures to keep your data away from prying eyes. That includes plain-old software password protection on the S1 Series device, fingerprint protection on the S2 model, and keypad-based password protection on the S3 box (pictured above). Otherwise, each one will give you a so-called "X-Zone" partition on the drive that is invisible without the key, along with "S-Code" technology that encrypts the data in the X-Zone. You will have to supply your own 2.5-inch hard drive, however, although the enclosure's screw-free design should at least make that a relatively easy process, assuming you can find one, that is -- it seems like retailers are a little slow to pick these up.

[Via BIOS]
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