The curiously strong homemade sensor bar

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JC Fletcher
May 5, 2008 12:00 PM
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The curiously strong homemade sensor bar

The Altoids tin is a handy enclosure for various electrical projects, as evidenced by this homemade wireless sensor bar, crafted by forum user ghosstt (well-known in his community for his exceedingly fresh breath). It's a simple enough project -- just two Altoids tins with LEDs and switches attached, and batteries inside. It's a functional and cheap way for projector users to get the sensor bar across the room. You know, for all those projector owners who are keeping an eye on their budgets.

The flexibility of the Wiimote's camera is the source of some of the most interesting hacks -- since it recognizes pretty much any infrared light source as a reference point for pointer movement, you can do things that vary from changing the function of the Wiimote (as in Johnny Lee's light-pen whiteboard) to swapping out the stationary light source with something made from Radio Shack parts and garbage (like this).

[Via GoNintendo]
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