When a whip comes along, you must eBay it

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When a whip comes along, you must eBay it

This would probably be your everyday Ren-faire quality whip were it not for one important detail: a Castlevania logo on a metal plate right above the handle. With that little detail, this leather whip becomes your own personal Vampire Killer. Though we recommend you take the Jonathan Morris "keep it in your inventory forever but don't bother using it" approach, over the Simon Belmont "hit every single thing you see with it" approach.

Whips like these were sold on Konami's website a couple of years ago, but are no longer available. eBay user hgswells has put one on eBay for sale to Belmonts and non-Belmonts alike. Judging by the apparent condition in the photo, it hasn't been used to whip even one Medusa head.

[Via GameSniped]
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