Idea Factory's next title, Cross Edge, houses Nippon Ichi faves

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|05.08.08

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Idea Factory's next title, Cross Edge, houses Nippon Ichi faves
We need to maintain our composure and monitor our excitement on here, or else we'll seem incredibly biased. It's difficult, though, because ever since we heard about Idea Factory's next character crossover title (Chaos Wars was their last one) dubbed Cross Edge, we can't sit still. JRPG's are very slow to hit the PS3, but this title not only brings a PS3 JRPG to the table, but one with characters from cherished franchises to Nippon Ichi loyalists as well as other big titles.

You play as the hero, Yuuto and heroine Mikoto and basically free a bunch of girls from other video games. You'll see Dark Stalkers, Atelier game characters, Ar Tonelico characters, Disgaea characters, and more. The game itself plays like a cross between "dress up" and Valkyrie Profile. Depending on the costume your ladies are in, they will have a different attack assigned to the face buttons when in battle. Well, perhaps it's best you check out the screens SiliconEra has put up. Let's hope licensing isn't a big issue and we see this hit outside of Japan.
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