Philips' new 'Xenium 800' touchscreen phone leaks out

If you had a creeping suspicion that the iPhone-esque phone market wasn't crowded enough yet -- you're right. Apparently, Philips is about to throw its hat in the ring with a device called the Xenium X800. The familiar looking unit will sport WiFi, a WQVGA "e2e" (or "edge to edge") touchscreen, and appears to be running a proprietary OS which looks considerably better than most phones in this class. Sure, it's heavily knocking off Sony's XMB and that new BlackBerry OS 4.6, but there are worse offenses that could be made. No word on more detailed specs, but you'll know more when we do. In the meantime, take a look at a few more pics after the break.

[Via Unwired View]