Canon Rebel XSi review roundup

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Canon Rebel XSi review roundup
We've already seen it unboxed, but if you've been waiting for a slightly more thorough look at Canon's new Rebel XSi DSLR (otherwise known as the EOS 450D) before you drop $800+ on it, you can now get your fix thanks to a steady stream of reviews that are now pouring in. Among the earliest to get its hands on a unit was Digital Photography Review, which reserved final judgment because it only did a preview but nonetheless provided one of the most exhaustive looks at the camera, complete with comparisons to its predecessor and its nearest competitors. Offering more opinions was Camera Labs, which found the XSi to be a "worthy successor" to the XTi, although it warns that new buyers should consider whether the upgrades are really worth the extra cost. The folks at LetsGoDigital were a bit more enthusiastic, calling the XSi a "perfect camera for everybody," although they were slightly disappointed by the camera's plastic casing. That also proved to be sticking point for Digital Camera Review, which went as far as to call the camera "cheap looking" and "less refined" than those with a lightly textured finish. On the upside, it says that the camera's low-noise sensor "raises the bar for entry-level DSLRs," with its extensive customization options, and Canon's expectedly strong AF system also winning it some high marks. If you're still not swayed one way other the other, you find plenty more details by diving into the links below.

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