The Daily Grind: Gaming moms are win!

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The Daily Grind: Gaming moms are win!
We'd like to take this morning to /salute the gaming moms (and grandmas) out there. From some members of our staff who have gaming moms, to other members of the staff who are gaming moms, they are becoming more and more common in the MMOG/VW landscape. We know moms who run guilds in EverQuest, raids in World of Warcraft, create beautiful virtual world content in Second Life, mod large gaming forums, theorycraft, and everything in between!

Today, we'd love to hear about any gaming moms you know; friends, guildmates or family! Do the gaming moms in your circle rock the arena? Are they the awesome guild moms who help new players out? Perhaps you are a mom who can tell us about your gaming life as a mom. Whatever the flavor, we here at Massively hope all the moms out there enjoy a day full of epic loot, good times, and lots of pampering! (Also, if you forgot it was Mother's Day in the US and Canada, you still have time to get to the store and get a card!)
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