Real Heroes: Firefighter finds real publisher

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|05.12.08

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Real Heroes: Firefighter finds real publisher

Conspiracy Entertainment obviously wants to ensure that there'll be none of this fake hero business on the Wii, because it's gone and signed up Epicenter Studios' Real Heroes: Firefighter, which it intends to release in the U.S. during Q2, 2009. Because it's been almost a year since we heard anything about the project, this morning's press release kindly reminds us that Real Heroes: Firefighter will utilize the Wii Remote as a fire hose, a fire axe, and a crowbar, all in the name of fighting Epicenter's proprietary "Thinking Fire" technology.

Conspiracy CFO Keith Tanaka was also on hand with some quotes about product line-ups and distribution, for which we thank him and move on.

[Via press release]
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