EQ2 Game Update 45: A Bertoxxulous quest chain guide

Brenda Holloway
B. Holloway|05.15.08

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EQ2 Game Update 45: A Bertoxxulous quest chain guide

Earlier this week, SOE pushed EverQuest II's Game Update 45 to the servers. Along with letting you take quests you had out-leveled and still give achievement experience for them, extra bank slots, and the complete revamp of the Coercer class, the update introduced Rodcet Nife, the god of healing. Quests to spread the good news throughout Norrath were offered but in the evil city of Gorowyn, darker forces prevail.

There, the god of disease, Bertoxxulous, incites his minions to fight against the god of healing with pestilence, death and disease. Yes, it's not easy to sow evil in the fields of good, but worry not. We've been to Gorowyn and done all the nasty deeds so you don't have to. Follow along as we carry on Bert's evil work, infect relatives, assassinate healers, and in general, be real bastards.

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