Angstrom Power shows off G2 portable fuel cell power source

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Angstrom Power shows off G2 portable fuel cell power source
It looks like Angstrom Power is working on more than just fuel cells for MOTOSLVR L7 prototypes, with the company now also touting its G2 portable fuel cell power source that promises to keep a whole range of gadgets charged up. This one packs eight V60 Fuel Cell Modules that combine to provide a full two watts of power, which can be used to top off any device that charges via a USB connection. According to Angstrom, the G2 itself can also be replenished "in minutes," either by using an Angstrom P2 Portable Refueling Cartridge or an R1 Refueling Station, though it can apparently withstand "several charges" before it needs to be refueled. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but it seems safe to bet that it'll show up before those fuel cell-powered cellphones, which are apparently still on track for a release somewhere in the neighborhood of 2010.

[Via Gizmo Watch]
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