Pace unveils new MPEG-4 cable STB

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Richard Lawler
May 18th, 2008
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Pace unveils new MPEG-4 cable STB

The NCTA Cable Show kicks off today, and Pace Micro Technology is ready with a line of MPEG-4 capable set-top boxes aimed at provers in North and South America. Besides handling advanced compression technologies with ease, they'll handle all that switched digital video (SDV), all-digital network, DOCSIS channel bonding and tru2way support the kids are so into these days. Two way messaging (for updating ones Facebook status/Twitter/Plaxo) is also in the bag, oplus backwards compatibility with older networks. Pictured is the "Aspen" box, a dual-tuner DVR CableCARD host box, but expect Apache (HD, no DVR) and Denali (SD only, no DVR) flavors to also be tucked securely in a cable guy's truck near you when they launch later this year.

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