X3F LIVE visits Liberty City [Update 2]

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X3F LIVE visits Liberty City [Update 2]

Update 2: Our community friends list is currently full. Tonight at 8:45PM EST we will be deleting some people who aren't online to make room for any last minute people who would like to add us and get into the game.

Our community gamertag, X3FLIVE, has been cleared of all friends and are now accepting requests for the event beginning at 9PM EST. If you've had issues adding us in the past it should be all cleared up now. In order to play with as many people as we can, who are interested that is, we're alternating players between rounds. We like to be fair! We look forward to shooting you in the face.

Original Post: You've been asking for it and now we're delivering. On Monday, May 19, at 9PM EST until 11PM EST join the Xbox 360 Fanboy crew of hooligans as we paint Liberty City red.

On the agenda is a healthy dose of Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer where we'll invite new players every round.

Make sure to watch out for the Gamertag X3FLIVE, add it to your friends list and join us for an X3F Approved Crime Spree!
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