WeeWorld announces 'World'

Adrian Bott
A. Bott|05.20.08

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WeeWorld announces 'World'
WeeWorld, the company that gave us the ubiquitous WeeMees, has answered its customers' requests for a virtual world. It's the next logical step for a company that's consistently listened to what its users want.

To be entitled 'World' (well, at least it's easy to pronounce) the new virtual world will offer a space for users to walk around in and interact as their avatars. Future content will likely include quest and gaming elements, and an oft-requested shopping feature.

WeeWorld expects teens to be the primary users of World, thus adding yet another contender to the existing virtual spaces aimed at the youth market. WeeWorld is already well established in that demographic, with 21 million users over its history, aged predominantly between 13 and 18. Easy harmonization between applications is also a factor: an API allows users to embed their WeeMees in their own sites, allowing for one-click switching between Facebook interaction and World interaction.

World is currently in beta. It's in an elementary state at the moment, the idea being to evolve the world according to the users' feedback right from the start rather than providing a near-finished product and observing their interactions with it. There's also a subtle emphasis on a 'clean and friendly' experience; reading between the lines, that sounds like the kind of stress on teen safety we've come to expect.
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