Only the most positive Haze reviews here

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Andrew Yoon
May 21, 2008 2:30 PM
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Only the most positive Haze reviews here

Our comments section exploded yesterday, when we ran a piece about Haze's initial reviews. The first reviews were rather scathing towards the PS3 "exclusive" FPS, and many accused us of anti-PS3 sentiment (in spite of us not having written any of those reviews). To make you feel better, we've chosen only the best reviews from Haze's Metacritic page. We won't tell you that Haze's average Metacritic score is 54.
  • PSM3 Magazine UK (70/100) - "There is a certain charm to it ... almost on par with the perfect Call of Duty 4 mechanics.
  • GameDaily (70/100) - "Yes, it's true, the game runs at a dwindled 576p resolution instead of 720p, but we still find it attractive ... Haze is a good first person shooter."
  • Game Informer (63/100) - "Haze's saving grace is its co-op gameplay, which can be fun when you shoot a friend's Nectar tank from behind to watch him freak out."
As a few readers pointed out, apparently the Japanese magazine Famitsu awarded its lucrative Gold rating to the game. Considering how much the Japanese love FPS games, this is a rather stellar accomplishment. With the game on store shelves today, we'd love to hear more about your Haze experiences in our comments section.
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