An interview with TR's Lead Designer Tom Potter

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|05.22.08

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An interview with TR's Lead Designer Tom Potter
Recently, WarCry had the chance to sit down with Tabula Rasa's Lead Designer, Tom Potter regarding the state of the game as we see it today. He discusses how successful some of the game's features have been and what they plan for the future of the game. He also touches on Richard Garriott's space flight plans and how involved he still is in the ongoing development of the game. We can't help but wonder what type of inspiration his space flight will evoke.

One of the most interesting pieces of this Q&A is the admission that the game's developers consider themselves more prepared now than they did at launch. While this is perfectly normal for new online games that depend so heavily on the community aspect for its success, it's still interesting to note that Destination Games, being so new to the development world, have finally licked their wounds and are ready to move forward full charge! This includes plans to offer incentives for existing players to stay, and more free trial periods to entice new players to come see what the game is really all about.
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