Japanese songs may hit Rock Band soon

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Andrew Yoon
May 22nd, 2008
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Japanese songs may hit Rock Band soon

Did you notice the European invasion in this week's Rock Band DLC updates? Don't expect this to be a one-shot novelty. International tracks will continue to pour into the peripheral-laden music game, a Harmonix developer told us at last night's Rock Band party in NYC. When one person brought up the possibility of seeing Japanese rock music in the game, we were told to wait "a little over a week" for an official announcement regarding plans for future DLC. We don't know exactly what we'll see, but we do know that Rock Band will become an even more "international" affair. What could future DLC updates include? TM Revolution? Malice Mizer (pictured)? Any excuse for us to dress like Japanese rock stars at our next Rock Band gathering will make us quite happy. Stay tuned.
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