Japan can now buy MSpoints via cell phone

Terrence Stasse
T. Stasse|05.25.08

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Japan can now buy MSpoints via cell phone
We haven't heard news such as this since the last time Microsoft was showing off the so far poorly executed Live Anywhere. Beginning Monday, the Japanese phone service provider NTT DoCoMo will allow its users to pay for MSpoints or a Gold Subscription right from their phone. Any purchases made via the "DoCoMo Mobile Payment Service" are charged to the phone bill, thus bypassing any form of credit card information going to MS. While a move such as this isn't exactly out of character for a company, we have to wonder about the practicality of it for the masses.

The most useful situation would be if you were the type of player who uses point cards and doesn't have any CC info associated with their Gamertag. Buying points via phone could save a trip to the store AND keep the evil empire away from your bank info. However, if this comes to the US we foresee many, many XBL brats using their phones to avoid bugging mom and dad for their credit cards ....
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