Ask Engadget HD: Which gaming console suits HD junkies best?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.28.08

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Ask Engadget HD: Which gaming console suits HD junkies best?

Now that the big three have been out for quite some time (though securing the white one is still somewhat problematic, we hear), we figured it was a good time to throw this question out for folks finally looking to make their pick and snag a console:

"I've got a satisfactory HDTV now that I enjoy HD programming and Blu-ray movies on, but I'm getting the itch to pick up a console as well. Obviously, the only two out there that can really support HD gaming are the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though I'm not ruling the Wii out completely. I know the PS3 would seem a no-brainer if I didn't already have a BD player, but removing that from the equation, which is likely to suit the HD lover best?"

Drop those gamepads and get over here -- this fellow needs some advice! Does the gameplay on Nintendo's unit trump the woefully underpowered hardware? Is the Xbox 360 superior to the PS3 graphically? Sound off however you'd like, just keep the fanboy comments to yourself.

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