Gears of War 2 multiplayer detail explosion

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Gears of War 2 multiplayer detail explosion
The July issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has an extensive 13-page blowout of Gears of War 2 multiplayer details. Earlier last week, some information leaked from and article in X360 Magazine, but the EGM cover-story by outgoing editorial director Dan Hsu includes a world of new information ripe for the picking.

Some information between the X360 and EGM article is slightly different. Most notably, some of the buttons involved in getting rid of a downed enemy are strangely different. However, since we don't talk about Gears 2 enough around here, we have all the info you need here.

From new weapon stats, the possibility of bots and the ability to blow you and your enemies up with a diabolical grenade--here is the newest info from EGM's fantastic July cover story. The issue also includes an extensive interview with Cliff Bleszinski, so any Gears fan should check it out.

All the info we got from EGM's cover story, after the jump!

Quick details
  • When a reader submitted question asked about a 4-player co-op possibility, Cliff Bleszinski only reiterated the "Bigger, Better and more Badass" mantra behind Gears of War 2.
  • There will be a screenshot capture in Gears of War 2 which will allow players to upload the images they take to a website and vote on submitted images.
  • The photo-mode scores you in-game based on the action around you (think, Dead Rising).
  • During the playtest, EGM spotted an Xbox LIVE status message that said someone at Epic was in Gears of War 2 watching a video--not playing a game. Saved film possibility?
  • Epic is considering implementing a live onscreen ticker that displays how much damage you are dealing and how many points you earn per match.
  • Gears of War 2 may offer A.I. bots for multiplayer to help fill the new 10-man limit.
  • The dev team calls chainsaw kills from behind, "Chainsodomy"
On the Subject of Weapons
  • "Gorgon Burst Pistol" is the official name of one of the newest weapons. The double-clipped handheld has a high rate of fire and shoots in short bursts for an extra punch while hiding behind a shield--meat or otherwise.
  • "Scorcher" flamethrower detail: Power weapon, only appears once on a map (similar to the Boom Shot). Short burst weapon, perfect active reload increases its range.
  • "Boltok Pistol" detail: Perfect active reload allows the old pistol to fire much faster.
  • Epic says plenty of more weapons are on the way, including new additions to the superweapons class (alongside the Hammer of Dawn) which EGM speculates could include a mortar type of weapon.
Got an enemy down? Attack! (Slightly different from the original article in X360)
  • 'X' button: Curb Stomp -- The original curb stomp kill returns
  • 'Y' button: Execution -- Longer to execute, so riskier, the executions are a sight. Race, and sometimes weapon, specific kills that promise to earn the expected 'M' rating. COG soldiers will punch an enemy to death, Locusts will rip off arms and beat an enemy with them and in the example for a Torque Bow specific kill the attacker will take the victim's head and place it on a Torque Bow's blade tip, then use his foot to pop it off. Wiiiiiiicked.
  • 'A' button: Grab -- Take a downed enemy and use them as a human shield. Considered dead as soon as it happens, the shield can actually respawn (if it's allowed in that mode) and their body can take quite a bit of damage before disintegrating. The 'B' button ends the encounter with a neck-snap.
  • 'B' button: Melee -- End it quickly and without all the flash.
Got knocked down? Oh noes! Defend Yo' Self!
  • 'R' Trigger: With Grenade Equipped -- Martyrdom
    Had a frag grenade equipped when you got cut down? Wait for an enemy to approach for a killing move (listed above) and make them pay. Press the 'R' Trigger to detonate your frag and send you both into oblivion in a wet, gooey mess.
  • 'R' Trigger: Without Grenade Equipped -- Raise your hand and request assistance from your squad. Doing so will flash your 'man down' icon for friends to spot.
  • 'A' button: Crawl -- Crawl to safety as you bleed out. Your dragging body will leave a trail behind you and you will eventually die, unless someone comes to revive you ... which we hope still doesn't look like a firm pat on the back.
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